Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out of the tunnel! -February 11th

By Robert Kempf
Anybody out there? Looking for survivors of the worst economic downturn since ages…
-I have a great message for you guys: There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel and the most exciting event of the mobile industry is just around the corner – MWC 2010.
If you are still waiting to start-up again I can only recommend to hurry. A wider industry recognized the technical leadership and innovation potential of the mobile industry and is keen to leverage it to their products. Seamless connectivity, high data rates, value added services leveraging the cloud, marketplaces and the game changing user experience of some new mobile devices are only a few themes which come into my mind.

Already at CES 2010 we have seen many new devices like MIDs, Smartbooks, eBook readers and similar which leverage mobile technology and there is a clear sign of further convergence in this space in terms of the underlying technology used for all these kind of devices.
So let us exploit the full potential of our mobile industry solutions. I know it is easier saying that than making it happen, but we at Teleca can assure you that there are many ways of making this journey a success.

What are these success factors I am talking about?
I would only like to touch upon a few of them - we need to become smarter, we need to love open source solutions and we should never underestimate the power of communities.

You would like to have more details?
Just pass by our MWC booth in Hall 8, #B79 and we will explain in detail how we can help making your plans a success in this space.
We are active in one of the most exciting, and fastly transforming, industries with much undiscovered potential…
Yes, We Love Smart Solutions.

I hope we can explore this space together and looking forward to seeing you @ MWC!

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