Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loving smart mobile solutions...Wednesday 24th

By Magnus Johannesson
Watching the Olympics as a young kid a few decades ago one would be happy to tune in the right TV channel to watch the action. Today I don’t even have to be at home… I have it all in the palm of my hand.

With my mobile I can follow the action via streaming video and radio. If I don’t catch the competitions in real time I can replay whenever I want, how often I want. Twitters, blogs, facebooks etc. gives me the latest updates provided by media, other spectators and even athletes themselves. Widgets on my mobile home screen tell me Vancouver time and whether forecast. I can download and install the iPhone Vancouver 2010 app to get real-time results, photos, schedules adjusted to my time zone and much more. If I want to increase excitement even more I log in to my online betting company and put some money that Sweden will beat the Slovaks in tomorrow mornings ice hockey quarterfinal. Between the games or if tired watching I can also play a part of the action myself with the Vancouver Olympics game for Android and compete in downhill, speed skating and snowboarding.

As a true sports fan, I can’t wait for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, if I can’t follow it live in London, I feel assured that I will have plenty of mobile apps and channels to follow the competitions and athletes even closer than today maybe with real-time match statistics to complement the TV production, interaction with arena displays, voting player of the game and much more.

But before that, Ice hockey final on Sunday and of course FIFA World Cup in South Africa this summer. My mobile will not be far away…

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