Thursday, February 4, 2010

More green gadgets -February 4th

By Mariappan Vaithilingam

Yesterday, I was watching a TV program about some school student’s science exhibition. One of the groups was explaining about the possible ways of going green and suggested more use of solar energy. I started thinking of that.
- How can we possibly make use of solar energy in mobile phones as well as in other portable gadgets?

I googled 'Mobile solar Power Charger' and got lots of information about the solar mobile charger. Basically this solar power charger gets power from Sun and stores it in the build-in battery which then powers the processor, display, illumination etc.

Some time back my dad used a small calculator which used solar power. During the day time it stores and uses solar power and at night time it uses a normal light bulb to power up, and that really worked well. Now I think why can’t we make use of the same technique for handheld devices? I understand that handhelds will consume more power than a calculator, but at least using solar generated power we can send an occasional SMS or execute small applications.

-Could this be the next display innovation to also have it function as a solar panel? Maybe there is something Steve did not tell us about the Ipad ?

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