Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Multi-platform play at MWC -Tuesday 16th

By Magnus Ingelsten
So in what direction is it going? New platforms available for 2010 makes an already congested play even more thrilling.
Windows Phone 7 series with phones coming out fall 2010 is merging the interesst of X-Box live , Zune and more to become a hub for music and video. But what about the change from calling it Windows Mobile to Windows phone?.. Just when every phone has become a mobile multi media device. There are no more pure phones, are there?

Even more interesting, perhaps is the marriage between Maemo and Moblin supported by father and mother Nokia and Intel. Topped by QT userexperience and designated MeeGo. It will be supported under the wings of LiMo and at Teleca we give it thumbs up. Can this now become a global force on par with Symbian and Android, as it is now free from from the perhaps too close relathionship with it´s mother and father ?

Talking about Symbian, The Symbian 3 OS also just launched with multi pages support and advanced layering. Interesting to follow.

And new phones from Samsung on their Bada platform...

All these platforms available for mid 2010. Intersting struggle for those that must make tactical decisions on what to support in their devices.

I am sure tomorrow will bring more excitement!

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