Monday, February 15, 2010

MWC: Hectic as ever! Monday 15th

By Magnus Ingelsten
Did anybody think MWC (Mobile World Congress) was going to be quiet this year? Yes come on, admit now.. Well, I did but hear this; It is not! It is as busy as ever although some stands are smaller and some exhibitors chose to not be here with a stand.There have been news pouring over us all day. New Android phones are literally everywhere. New devices officially presented by i.e SonyEricsson and ASUS, the latter known for a steady climb up the ladder in the PC world. Will be exciting to follow their maybe controversial inroad on the global mobile handset market. And the now official marriage of Maemo and Moblin with QT on top. Oh what I love this dynamic reinventing industry.
I really look forward to tomorrow!

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