Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MWC –Will consumers even care? -Wednesday 17th

By Magnus Ingelsten
Walking around at MWC, you got to be amazed about the wider and richer array of features and choices on offer for wireless s devices. Has there ever been an industry with as much innovation and possibilities? No (I dare say). But the challenge is to translate it all into consumer benefits and then choose among the many providers of devices, apps, and services. Although choice is good and choice is freedom, and this is what we want too. But how do we know what horse to bet on. It has not been clear to consumers what segmentation the offerings are intended for and how to better benefit from one choice compared to the other.

Trying to think as a consumer and as a cool-stuff geek I am not especially interested in platforms, OS, standards, HDSPA, W-cdma or LTE, nor do a care about API, architecture, ecosystems , app store competition, codecs, 12Mpix, ADK´s or communities or almost anything else either… So, what do I care about? I care about possibilities, convenience and excitement. Here is a new word: Possiveniment. Other words like fun, easy, passion and love is widely used in the industry as well as green and eco.

That´s all good but it does not happen unless nobody is taking it to a new level to boost competition and accelerate developments.
Imagine a standardized choice-and-definition system connected to a combined vendors cloud where you respond to a number of questions and as an output you got a preconfigured handset with preinstalled personalized applications, conveniently prepared for your various wifi´s, e mail, push, sync, tweets, facebooks, blogs, weather reports, e-bay account, pay-pal and what else, and supplied in your colour of choice with the suitable bling-bling and accessories and headsets to go? Without having to care about platforms and what else.
Wouldn´t that be possiveniment?
I think that we (read Teleca) , being a technology and solutions expert need to help the world with the possiveniment -factors too. Hey, we have recently launched a new Platform Benchmarking and Analysis Solution. I think from now on there could be an additional possiveniment assessment included in that offering!

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