Monday, December 13, 2010

Tablet war -December 13th

By Magnus Ingelsten

The Christmas present of 2010 could be a slate/tablet pc. See the new Teleca Talk Newsletter and the Mobile Trends article . ( ) The worldwide sales of media tablets are expected close to 20 million units for 2010 and increasing to 55 million in 2011, continuing to >100 million 2012. (Gartner)

Does this mean that this gadget will replace or complement something else? Would we still carry also our phone and notebook and would we also have a 3rd gizmo? ..I think it will certainly complement. I know of a family just having bought their 3rd Ipad, and they still have phones and PC´s...

Gartner predicts that Ipad will have 80% market share this year. But according to Arete Analyst firm (article in our new Teleca Talk newsletter) Android is on a bender, and shows very high growth with many tablets coming out from Samsung , Motorola etc. So, would Googles invasion into the TV space with its Google-TV, make Android the perfect companion in the living room sofa with the tablet acting remote control, media centre and perfect on the go bringing TV shows and what else? Well, the choice is not easy, would it be Googles technology such as 3D maps etc and web domination or Apple´s compelling user experience and coolest design that will get the consumers blessing? Additionally Apples brand image, is 5x stronger than any other tablet brand.
See for more. (picture above from Technobolt)

The combat is interestingly supported by the fact Apple’s iPhone and iPad were top searches on (newfound) arch-rival Google during 2010. Google released its annual “Zeitgest” report for 2010 Thursday, a report that presents the top searches from around the world for the year.
Remember, Apple have the longest experience in tablets. You have not forgot about Apple´s Newton ? first presented in 1992 and on shelves in fall of 1993. Find data here: , 20MHz processor and 640 kB internal RAM. Hmmm, I think I go for the Ipad.

And our Teleca role in all this is that we bring outsourced innovation and highly skilled competencies and experiences to the table. On both iOS and Android, we support you to create differentiation, systems integration and compelling end-to-end applications enabling both OEMs and enterprises to benefit from this exploding market opportunity.

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  1. I think that "philosofy" of both Ios and Android is similar. Both have "Market" the main source of "content", easy install\uninstall, rich touch UI. And if we talk about masses market, devices'es price for end use can also impact trends. Look to Android devices prices and for IPhone and IPad prices...