Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Content is king - December 29th

By Magnus Ingelsten
Just having experienced X-mas celebrations the Scandinavian way with Santa Claus coming on 24th, (this year it was me again dressing up, please do not tell my daughters younger cousins..) with the kids unwrapping their presents, eyes filled with surprise, astonishment, true happiness or slight disappointment for what content the gifts had under wraps. For us this year, we did not follow the trend to privately purchase tablets and slates, as we at Teleca bought both a Samsung Galaxy tab and an Ipad for our demo applications to show at upcoming Mobile world congress next year. So, I had now the opportunity to try them before my own private buying.

So a basic comparison, here it comes. The Galaxy was better prepared with applications and not much needed to be downloaded. Both devices however need you to register with either App-store/Itunes or Google to enable apps an app market to support. Because these devices are nothing without content. And content there are , more than anybody needs. And, that is why Android and Apple are so superior compared to anything else. Their app-stores are filled with all you can want, although an advantage to Itunes for it´s music etc.

Sizewise the Galaxy tab is half the size of the Ipad (yes actually and physically), and thus Ipad is a bit heavy.
For the purpose of using at home, the Ipad is a better choice since it´s larger screen, the Galaxy tab is my friend on the road, actually the only thing I need, works both as my phone, computer and as the great tablet/e-reader it is. And here at office, the Ipad´s browser was faster to download content over wifi. Screen/image resolution also a bit better. Still, however the Flash support lacking on Ipad is irritating.

Opinions on that?


  1. The html5 could overcome the issue of lacking flash support in iPad, at least to some extent. Have you tried enabling html5 for youtube or does the browser in ipad even support html5?

  2. I am Todd R. Levy and my company, BloomWorlds, is developing Android’s family friendly app store, to help Android parents discover safe, secure, and appropriate apps for their children by utilization our vetted submission process.

    We are going to filter out the spam apps, sexy girl wall, and other inappropriate content. This way Android users will be about to discover and download only the highest quality apps.

  3. Hello Todd,
    I think you have a point in creating a market place for the good app´s. It is certainly a charm with the freedom and "uncensored" app´s market for Android.(although there is nothing really bad and nothing morally doubtful as such have been hindered by the gate keeper already) But sometimes I wonder how legal some of the apps are, and certainly many which should not be there at all simply because they are not performing or are simply bad. Some containing images and tunes wich may not consider relevant rights management issues... Regards, Magnus

  4. Hi Magnus, good for you to have both devices and ability to test them before private buy. But I started to learn Android usage - just go to and purchase LG GT540 Optimus phone :) I just read couple reviews and then purchase - price was very good on Cristmas week.

    Looking to these devices(Galaxy Tab and IPad), I personally prefer Tab - it is small and can be easily put to pocket. For bigger screen and reading books I have Amazon Kindle reader :), thats why smaller screens works for me.

    Anyway, maybe I'll try to find way to test Galaxy Tab.