Thursday, April 8, 2010

When an apple is better than an orange -April 8th

By Magnus Ingelsten

7 years ago the mobile world was completely different. It was all about telephony, SMS, MMS, PIM and business usage. You uploaded ripped MP3 music files to your mobile and it competed with MP3 players. The multinational music corporations were standing appalled to see their music got copied and stolen from various web servers.

Then Apple having introduced their I-Pods, which totally outdid the MP3 player market, launched i-Tunes. In one week (yes 1 week) Steve Jobs could simply confirm that they had become the world’s leading music distributor on the web with one million downloads (April 2003).

In February Apple gave away a grand price of 10.000 USD to the customer that got their web counter doing 11 digits (10 billion downloads). Now is´t that a success? The real boost for downloads came with the release of the I-Pod Touch and the I-Phone.

During this time the share price increased from 7 to 200 USD (2003-2010). Over the last year alone the share price has risen with 120%.

Now the I-Pad is launched, and it will be a success. First day 300.000 units sold, over one million apps were purchased, over 250,000 books downloaded. (The i-Phone sold 270.00 units on it´s introduction day three years ago). And it is a movie player and you can get movies from i-Tunes from 1.99 USD. And it’s a game player and it is a e-reader, and it can become a .... ?

Tonight, April 8th I-phone 4.0 will be presented to the assembled press in Cupertino. And what about their i-Ad, mobile advertising service? The screen on i-Pad and iPhone is a great real estate that can be sold to agencies and connected to distribution of content from i-Tunes.

Again, the mobile world has changed dramatically, and we sure know that an apple is different from an orange or a pear.

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  1. This is great information for me. Thanks you for explaining the difference between Apple and Organge. I think that this is quite useful information foe me. No doubt, the world of mobile is changing dramatically. I am also going to buy iphone for myself very soon :-)