Monday, April 19, 2010

100 years from now -April 19th

By Magnus Ingelsten
What do we imagine 100 years from now? Did HG Wells, in his book "When the Sleeper walks" in 1899 imagine the I-pad for Video viewing when he writes and describes a modern media player as a “flat square with a smaller picture that was very vividly colored”? Not only where there people on the screen moving, but they were conversing with clear small voices as he continued to describe it.

And did Mark Twain envision the internet already in 1898 when writing about the "The improved 'limitless-distance' telephone that was presently introduced, and the daily doings of the globe made visible to everybody, and audibly discussable too, by witnesses separated by any number of leagues." He described a global communications network called the telelectroscope that allowed us to see and hear through. Spot on. ..almost.

So what do we for see 100 years from now or is everything already invented? Hardly, but surely everything becomes much more advanced and involves scientific complexity and in many cases micro chips, software ad wireless technologies and thus very far far from inventions such as the wheel or the potato peeler!

Could we in 100 years have the mobile artificial you? Perhaps we can by choice produce avatars that are incarnations of ourselves that travel through room and space electronically and virtual and perform our duties and live our lives. No more hours spend on airplanes. All good for environment. We can experience and control business meetings, holidays and new encounters by means of the chip we have in our brain and only our status in society can determine how many avatars we have in life, and thus our focus is to live for long, distanced from the real raging world outside the control tube we live in with artificial air.
Oh my god, hope not.. Instead hope we and our children can still physically sit on an exotic beach and make a call to friends. And experience through a multimedia device what happens at home, read any book, listen to any music share anything with anybody of our choice, buy and sell and by doing so experience great freedom and efficiency. The good thing is, seems we are there already.


  1. The way technology progresses one can have anything which are not available now.Things will become more easy and comfortable.I think that after 100 years everything will be machine dependent.I wish at that time also we can have pure natutal resources and environment friendly equipments..I like your post.

  2. I think we can't even imagine where we go after 100 years.Technology changes day by day so after 100 years you completely depend on machine.People are so much addicted to machines its not even possible to do anything without machines.We are using machines in every day life.

  3. My believe is that eveything after 100 years is beyond our imagination.I like your post as it gives some good example to have a deeper thought.We should all try to use limited resources in proper manner so that they are available even after 100 years.

  4. with too much advancement in technology....i feel a day will come where we mill miss our past.....
    we donot need the help of machines to live........
    advancement had increased our sufferings........
    i am lucky that i have money to defend my self from health hazards............