Thursday, December 2, 2010

MeeGo Conference 2010, Dublin part 3 -December 2nd

By Toni Nikkanen

Last day; Wednesday, November 17th

On Wednesday morning some people were already leaving, missing some good sessions. I concentrated on three.
The first was libquill, or the MeeGo image editing library. Libquill is part of MeeGo, and holds a lot of promise: It is able to edit large image files in limited memory and enables fast response times for user applications by way of multi-threading, performing the editing operations in the background while the user is already seeing the edit operation as if it was completed.
The libquill editing operations are provided as plug-ins, enabling developers to add their own if needed. Also there was discussion on supporting the use of libquill as a step in gstreamer, thus enabling any libquill edit operation to be performed on the gstreamer pipeline – in video playback or capture from a camera, for example.

The second was tracker. Now I feel many don’t realize the importance of tracker in MeeGo: It is the core of the content management framework, and therefore almost any developer should be at least aware of it. While tracker only indexes content such as images, video and e-mail, it acts as the primary storage for content like contacts and feeds.
The power of tracker becomes apparent when you consider that it can link everything it has indexed together, enabling whole new ideas for both user interfaces and for the social web. Also demonstrated was the ability to make tracker-using apps both from Qt and QML apps using the QtSparql module. While you do need to learn a new query language and understand the concepts behind NEPOMUK ontologies, it is very powerful in what can be done with it.

Perhaps one of the most engaging sessions was the lightning talk session at the end of the conference program. I heard many hearted 5-minute presentations ranging from using MeeGo for education, to how to make a successful mobile version of your web site, to how to successfully build and publish your own app. And about the Marble Desktop Globe application, which is a powerful, versatile open source map and navigation application for both desktop, and now also mobile devices. Also available as a Qt widget you can use in your own applications, with a fully documented API available.

Wednesday evening we were treated with premium tickets to the Ireland-Norway soccer game at the same Aviva Stadium we had spent the last 3 days in. We were well catered for, including given green Ireland-MeeGo soccer scarves. I wonder what the Norwegian participants thought about that? I even spotted a MeeGo ad in the soccer game.

It was clear from the amount of people and companies present, that a lot of product development based on MeeGo is happening now.

Thanks for some great days and experiences in Dublin.

I expect many exciting product launches at or before the next MeeGo Conference in San Francisco, May 2011!

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