Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tizen and Bad to merge - January 17th

By Markus Gausling

According to Forbes [1] Samsung will merge its Bada OS with Tizen. Only few details are known but this is supposed to bring the Bada interfaces to Tizen and should include backwards compatibility with already existing Bada applications.

Such a move would have a few advantages from Samsung's point of view. First it would immediately provide thousands of existing applications for coming Tizen devices. Those devices could gain immediate access to the Bada applications available in Samsung's application store.

It would also allow Bada developers to develop for Tizen as well and as such increase the base of potential application developers.

Additionally this might be a move for Samsung to reduce the number of platforms they currently support (e.g. Bada, Window Phone 7, Android).

So this looks like a reasonable direction for Samsung to go.

[1] Forbes



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