Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking forward to 2011 -January 31st

By James Salter

Mobile apps, connected devices, telematics…and an improved economy? As we welcome 2011, I am excited about the advancements of mobile technologies that I am seeing in my initial time in the industry. Combined with what some economists are predicting could be some okay economic growth and you get a potential recipe for lots of great news for consumers and businesses. And this optimism is coming from someone in Seattle right in the middle of our dreary rainy season J.

Fresh from the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas there is a buzz that comes with dozens of new tablets entering the market, many high-end 3D televisions ready to grace living rooms, new mobile phones, fantastic advancements for in-car infotainment systems and more gadgets than you think would be possible for consumers to consume. But all of these advancements won’t mean much without an improved economy. I mean, who’s going to buy these devices if the economy continues to move backwards or sideways, right? There’s lots of evidence that point to a “stagnant” economy in 2011 but I liked what I read recently from Kiplinger ( , a long-standing U.S. publisher of business and economic forecasts (yes, my glasses are a little rose-colored if you read the whole report). Here’s my summary of the positives:

- Business spending will experience a 10% growth in 2011

- Retail sales will resume their modest growth off a solid holiday season

- People will buy lots of mobile gadgets

Okay, so I made up the last point but I still bet that people find room to buy the latest in tech toys for office, home and car. In any event, as a marketing executive in this industry, I’m pumped about 2011. What are your thoughts and hopes for 2011?


  1. I think that economy growth slowing can not slow technical progress. We all know Moore fundamentals about it, right :) Anyway we will see new and new technology ideas realized to some products. So, need to be ready for it!

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  3. I 100% agree with Michael Kustov, Economy Growth slowing can't slow down technical progress. It is going up with quickly. Now you can scan the documents , print it. There is no need to do more manual work. Everything is easily handle using computers.