Monday, June 14, 2010

bada - The new kid on the block, Part 2 (3) - June 14th

By Markus Gausling

Developing native C++ bada applications
An application is described by an application profile. The application profile is an XML manifest file that describes the application, the system requirements the application has towards the platform (like display resolution, memory etc.) and the API groups the applications uses.
Developers are divided into two levels of membership (Basic and Partner) and based on this level the access to platform interfaces will be granted. Developers of the category Basic e.g. cannot access interfaces which require system privileges.

Samsung provides an online tool, the Application Manager, to fill in the information about the application. The Application Manager will then generate a manifest file based on the given information. The manifest will also contain a unique ID for the application. Using the Application Manager requires a registration which is free.
Once the manifest file is available the actual application development can start. Native C++ applications can be developed using the SDK which was recently released as a beta version (1.0.0b2).

The SDK is based on Eclipse with the C/C++ Development Tools (CDT).
It contains an emulator, sample applications and tutorials and also a UI builder.
The SDK is only available for Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded at

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