Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010-the year of passionate handsets

By Magnus Ingelsten
In spring 2007 the iPhone was launched and so much has been written about its success. It have had the whole mobile industry asking itself several key questions; How to explain its success? What is the recipe? Can it be repeated?

An immense success among consumers. What makes people fall in love with it? I have tried to find a parallel. Such as buying a car? Not really… For most it is just a practical means of transportation, unless you are a petrol head like myself.

However, is it like going on a date? While for some it may be a practical means of finding someone you get on well with, for most it’s about finding someone that you’re attracted to on many levels and is a process that is driven by the heart rather than the head.

To select a handset these days, if you do not consider low cost in relation to the operator and handset as your first priority, is like being on a date! You may meet someone that is very clever, possesses good looks, the right balance of professional skills and leisure/fun time… but there are quite a few of them around. But to find someone that really speaks to you and tickles your senses, someone that you really want to get to know and who creates the feeling within you that is called lust is harder to come by.
And someone that is not pretending to be something they’re not – in essence being authentic and sincere. As well as someone being open for new ideas, impressions and develops with the relationship. See where I am going?

So what are the right keywords and ingredients for the recipe? Well here is what I think you need to materialize your own perfect handset:

1 spoon of Youthfulness
1 big cup of Brand
1 cup of Intelligence
1 large spoon Simplicity
½ spoon Quality
1 spoon Authenticity
1 cup of Freshness
1 big bowl of Looks-to-kill-for
1 gallon Lust
-Make sure it is based on an open OS, spiced with music, movies and cool apps.

This recipe is free for all to use and we hope that together with Teleca, vendors will introduce new devices, created with passion and lust, for 2010.

A happy new year to all of you!

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