Friday, September 4, 2009

What do You think is happening in Open Source ? -September 4th

By Andrew Till
In the coming weeks we will be attending a number of industry events such as OSiM and the Symbian SEE. During these events we expect to hear a lot about the changing face of open source software and its impact in the mobile world. We will also hopefully be stimulating some industry debate through the presentations and round table events we are participating in.
-So why not comment about your expectations for the key drivers in OSS over the next 12 months?

I will start of with a couple of expectations ;
-I expect part of the debate to move from OSS for handsets to other devices such as Netbooks, ebook readers and maybe even gaming consoles.

-I also believe that we will see OSS move in to the service domain with companies starting to use OSS more and more to deliver end to end mobile services. This is something I will be presenting on at OSiM so if you want to know more come along and listen.

So enough from me and tell us what you think, now!


  1. There is a great possibility that appstores and OVIs will rule which OSS will be come out on top. Then it will be making way into netbooks, navigation devices, media players, game consoles and more. Would we think the car goes OSS ?

  2. ..adding to above comment, I would expect my telly, hifi (is there something like this anymore ?, I mean Media Center) etc goes OSS to benefit from seamless content and app usage, especially as you want same Ui on all devices.