Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trend for MWC 2009?

In previous years you have always been able to spot a trend for the show. A specific technology everyone talked about, a specific service and so on. But these trends have been a bit different depending on what areas we visitors represent. It has been mobile TV, User Experience, OTA content and music and more. Since 2007 we have all been in shock caused by the revolutionary iPhone.

Can we assume that this year will be the year of iPhone killer wannabes? Multi-touch screen devices will swarm the stands and "ultimate" devices are already in the rumor mill. Stuff such as Android based G2 and Palm Pre.

A challenge will be content to go? How can carriers and service providers ensure open content to open source devices? Or will we face proprietary content formats?

The multi-touch screen phones will enable a new user experience for all users where the functionality of the computer "mouse" will suddenly appear in ones fingers. This is the likely enabler for the user to manage the web and all its types of content with ease.

Will the wireless market start driving internet in the rest of the world as it has in Japan since i-mode was launched? (no, i-mode was not invented by Apple...)

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